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1998 Subaru Sambar KEI 4x4 classic truck sourced by JDMCSC

1998 Subaru Sambar classic mini truck by JDMCSC

JDM Vehicle Information

  • Vehicle Name : 1998 Subaru Sambar Classic 4X4 KEI Mini truck
  • Category : KEI Trucks
  • Client : Abdul
  • Mileage : 57,382 Miles
  • Speciality : Classic Mini Truck for Off-road

1998 Subaru Sambar KEI Truck

JDM Car Sourcing Consultants (JDMCSC) sourced this Subaru Sambar KEI mini truck in 2022. This is a populat KEI truck in US and we receive many inquiries for this mini truck.

1998 Subaru Sambar KS4 4×4 Kei Classic Truck

Sure, here is some web content about a 1998 Subaru Sambar KS4 4×4 Kei classic truck:

1998 Subaru Sambar KS4 4×4 Kei Classic Truck

This 1998 Subaru Sambar KS4 4×4 Kei classic truck is a rare and unique find. It is one of the last rear-engine, rear-wheel drive Kei trucks ever made, and it is in excellent condition.

The truck is powered by a 660cc, 3-cylinder engine that produces 31 horsepower. It is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission and has selectable 4WD. The truck has a payload capacity of 1,200 pounds and a towing capacity of 1,320 pounds.

The exterior of the truck is finished in silver and it has classic body kit mounted. It has a cabover design with a short wheelbase and a large cargo bed.

The interior of the truck is clean and well-maintained. It has a bench seat that can seat up to three people. The truck is also equipped with a heater, a radio, and a CB radio.

This 1998 Subaru Sambar KS4 4×4 Kei classic truck is a great choice for someone looking for a unique and stylish truck. It is perfect for light hauling and off-road duty. The truck is also very fuel-efficient, getting up to 50 mpg in the city.


  • Rear-engine, rear-wheel drive
  • 660cc, 3-cylinder engine
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • Selectable 4WD
  • Payload capacity of 1,200 pounds
  • Towing capacity of 1,320 pounds
  • Silver exterior
  • Large cargo bed
  • Radio
  • CB radio


  • Unique and stylish truck
  • Perfect for light hauling and off-road duty
  • Very fuel-efficient
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy to maintain
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